Full-Time Licensed Transaction Coordinator
Our full time transaction coordinator is also a licensed real estate agent and will make sure you and your client have all proper documents signed and completed. Every Associate with The Local Realty is provided with access to our in-house Transaction Management team who will save you thousands of hours completing the required paperwork in order to close escrow.

Stay on track. Simplify communications. Gain peace of mind.
Our transaction management services are designed to fit completely with the needs of each agent we work with. Our TC’s will manage and coordinate your commercial or residential file from purchase and sale agreement through closing.

Whether you represent the Seller, Buyer, or both, your Transaction Coordinators always perform a rigorous quality control process. We know your time is valuable and we want you to be able to leverage your time where it is best spent…with clients.

real estate transaction coordination

Listing Agents

Transaction Coordinators working with the Seller’s Agent
Your time is valuable and you spend a great deal of it marketing properties, negotiating offers and preparing contracts for your clients. The average agent spends more than 19 hours on every transaction just reviewing documents, gathering signatures and keeping all parties informed. What could you do with an additional 19 hours? Our TC’s job is to remove this burden from your shoulders, so you can focus on growing your business and networking without spending endless hours every year on paperwork.

Our Transaction Coordinators will make sure your deadlines are met, paperwork is complete, and coordinate all communication with buyers, lenders, escrow, title, home warranty, and agents to free up your time. You can rest easy knowing our professional transaction management services give you a full record of all actions and documents with access to our online system available at all times.

Some of the services our TC’s perform for the listing side:

  • Introduce our role in the transaction to every party involved.
  • Review every document to verify correct dates, initials, broker information, and signatures.
  • Supply an executed Purchase Agreement to every party.
  • Open escrow, obtain a file number, request preliminaries, and instructions.
  • Verify contact information, dates, and documents are uploaded to our online service where it will remain securely accessible to all parties 24/7.
  • Prepare a Full Disclosure Package delivered via mail, email or DocuSign to you and/or the seller.
  • Send copies of all reports to the buyer’s agent and escrow company.
  • Order requested escrow amendments.
  • Upload all reports, disclosures and documents into our online service as it is received or executed.
  • Send all necessary documents to escrow.
  • Track escrow time frames for receipt, delivery and return of all documents and deposits.
  • Maintain constant contact with every party for status updates or to alert you of anything outstanding or requiring attention.
  • Complete and deliver a full digital paper trail (PDF) to you and/or your broker.

Buyer Agents

Transaction Coordinators working with the Buyer’s Agent
A great deal of your time is spent researching and presenting homes for your clients and negotiating on their behalf. The average real estate agent spends nearly 19 hours of administrative work on every transaction. What could you be doing with this time to grow your business and make new contacts?

Our TC’s job is to eliminate the administrative work for you, so you can market your business effectively without worrying about the details. Our Transaction Coordinators have decades of experience and will work on your behalf to make sure every transaction proceeds smoothly.

Here is what our TC’s can do for you:

  • Introduce our role in the process to each party.
  • Upload data and documents into our online system which you have access to 24/7.
  •  Thoroughly review of the Purchase Agreement, Amendments and Counter Offers to make sure each document is executed with signatures, initials, broker information and correct dates.
  • Create a Transaction Time Line and Information Sheet using our online management system. All parties involved are then invited to this system.
  • Create a Buyer’s Package with a Seller’s Disclosure Package and other Broker required forms.
  • Deliver the Buyer’s Disclosure Package to you and/or your client through DocuSign, email or mail.
  • Ensure your buyer receives copies of all required reports.
  • Make sure escrow has a Home Warranty invoice and instructions for commission.
  • Order requested escrow amendments.
  • Track deadlines and ensure delivery, return and receipt of deposits and packages.
  • Upload all reports, documents and disclosures to the online system as they are received or executed.
  • Keep constant contact with each party always providing status updates.
  • You receive 24/7 secure online access to the management system.
  • Complete and deliver a full digital paper trail (PDF) to you and/or your broker.

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