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When you join The Local Realty, you gain access to an extraordinary program that helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors – all while providing your customers the very best service the industry offers.

Real Estate Technology & Marketing Center

A core foundation of what The Local Realty™ was built on, our Real Estate technology is always on the cutting edge and rapidly improving. Every Associate that joins The Local Realty gains access to a Free Agent Website along with a turn-key solution to implement an IDX property search, CRM and Indexable SEO Optimized Property Search in order to increase your online lead productivity. From lead capture pages, lead routing, appointment scheduling, newsletter system and a full-time lead management team, we help our Associates convert an email to a closing.

  • Hosted & Single Websites – If you’re currently paying to host a website, or you want to setup your own website network, we can power all of your sites for a fraction of the cost! Along with your Free Agent Website, The Local Realty also offers Agents the ability to setup listing and community sites to advertise their properties or market to a niche audience.
  • CRM, IDX & Property SEO – In just 10 minutes, you could have a pre-built agent website with integrated IDX, Property SEO and a state of the art contact management system. Learn More…
  • Marketing Systems that Win – The Local Realty’s back-office provides access to cutting edge marketing systems allowing our Associates the ability to differentiate themselves from the competition, win more listings and manage their marketing systems all in one place.

Every Associate that joins The Local Realty gains access to a Free Agent Website, along with a turn-key solution to implement an IDX property search, Mobile App, CRM and Indexable SEO Optimized Property Search, in order to increase your online lead productivity. From lead capture pages, lead routing, appointment scheduling, newsletter system and a full-time lead management team, we help our Associates convert an email to a closing.

Real Estate Agent Websites

Free Agent/Broker Websites

When you signup with The Local Realty you will be provided with a Free Agent Website comprised of a company powered IDX property search, Indexable SEO Optimized Property Search, Online Appointment Scheduling System, Lead Capture Pages and More.

Single Property & Community Websites

The Local Realty offers Associates the ability to setup an unlimited number of websites and domains on our servers, allowing you to build single property websites for your listings or real estate/community sites for marketing to a niche audience.

Personalized Agent Branded Mobile Search App

When you add-on The Local Realty’s IDX search system, you will receive a personalized website/splash page and free custom mobile app!





Automated & Personalized Property Listing Notifications

This cutting edge technology automatically sends your clients property listing updates that are personalized to the specific features your client is looking for! Have a client that wants a home with “Natural Light, an Open Floor Plan, Large Backyard” or other parameters? No Problem! Just specify the features your client is looking for on their search portal and the auto notifications will write a customized message highlighting the properties which have the features your client is looking for!

Property Alerts

Dynamic Map Search

A dynamic and powereful real estate search tool, our property SEO system is the most comprehensive search on the market. Everything from School area search to master bedroom floor level, we got you covered.

  • Search updates as you pan and zoom
  • Large full height map
  • View property details without leaving the map search

Online Appointment SchedulingAppointment Scheduling

Book, manage and track showing or meeting appointments online directly through your agent website. Our cloud-based appointment app lets you keep control over appointments and directly links with your google calendar.

  • Clients can schedule showings online
  • Manage all your tasks
  • Auto-notify clients of showing appointments

Built in Lead Capture

real estate seo property searchTurn your visitors into clients. Engage them with great search, bold calls to action and prompt them to register to view more of your great website and content. It is all configurable for what you feel is best for your market.

  • Configurable registration gateway
  • Set if registration is required
  • Set registration after a number of property views

Neighborhood Landing Pages

Turn your Agent Website into a neighborhood resource. Create as many neighborhood/community pages as you like and embed MLS listings directly on these pages. Listings are automatically kept up to date.

  • Embed listings in a page or post
  • Optimize for Search Engines
  • Perfect for online advertisement campaigns

Search Engine Optimized Property Listings

real estate seo property searchAll property pages generated from our SEO Property Search IDX are search engine optimized and can be indexed by search engines. This means the IDX will automatically create thousands of pages of content all linking to your website.

  • No sub-domains
  • Indexible Property Pages
  • SEO Friendly URL’s

Additional Website Services

Your Agent and Broker websites would not be complete without exceptional add-on and custom built designs and systems. We offer a suite of website services to help you build a powerful system for your unique brand and clientele.

CRM – Our Associates can plug-in to a state-of-the-art Contact Management system (CRM) which brings all of your leads into one central portal. Our customization real estate CRM system integrates with Google and social media accounts to make sure you’re on top of your clients on a daily basis and streamlines your followup process

Custom Themes and Site Development – If you’re looking for a customized solution for your business, The Local Realty’s tech support team can build a custom website system for you at a fraction of the cost. Our average customized sites range from $750-$2,500 one time compared to the average of $3,500-$10,000 for most custom website systems).

Domain Hosting Service – If you’re currently paying to host a website, or you want to setup your own website network, we can power all of your sites for a fraction of the cost! Along with your Free Agent Website, The Local Realty also offers Agents the ability to transfer their real estate domains to our servers.

Lead Generation & Conversion Team

Internet leads for Real Estate take an average of 18-24 months from the time a prospect inquires about a property, until the time they actually buy or sell. As a Real Estate Agency, we understand the amount of time, dedication and money it takes to actually close business and maximize your return on invested time and capital. That’s why we developed an International Real Estate Referral Service which helps real estate agents screen and convert their real estate leads.

Real Estate Lead Generation

There are two ways our team can help you close more lead business:

LocalRealtors.com Network Referrals – We power one of the largest real estate networks in the world with over 3,000 referral partners. Everyday thousands of buyers, sellers and agents seek out a real estate agent to assist them. By becoming an Approved Referral Partner with Local, REALTORS, you can start receiving pre-screened leads directly through our online network.

Lead Conversion Assistance – Our licensed client relations team members can assist you in staying in contact with your current database and will assist you with the conversion of your prospects. Our Lead Conversion Plan includes a dedicated account manager who will be in charge of calling, pre-qualifying and referring back hot leads to your team or preferred referral partners.

Why Become a Preferred Partner?

The Local, Realtors® Real Estate Referral Network is a tremendous opportunity for Real Estate Agents, teams and brokerages to start receiving perspective buyer and seller prospects! Our Referral program allows you to focus on the parts of being a REALTOR® that you do best (selling real estate), while we take care of all the communication and marketing required to find and convert your next client.

What Our Partners Receive

In order for you to effectively communicate with your clients, you will be given a personalized real estate website with a Contact Management & Email Campaign system, allowing you to efficiently work with your clients. Our proprietary conversion systems give you the ability to send email campaigns, create and send auto generated follow up responses, and even utilize our live support staff of experienced client relations managers.

Real Estate Lead Generation

Online is where you need to be – if, that is, you want to reach today’s increasingly web- and technology-savvy home buyers and sellers. That’s why, at The Local Realty, we have created and are continually improving a family of award-winning websites.  Collectively, they have one common goal: to make it easy and enjoyable for buyers and sellers to find our real estate listings, local offices and expert agents.

National & Local Websites

The Local Realty powers 400+ local and nationwide real estate search and website engines across the the world. With millions of page views each year throughout our own networks and our thousands of potential clients each month through our strategic relationships with industry partners, we have the tools you need to can capture the right targeted audience.

Team Leader/Broker Websites

Our Broker sites offer an enormous benefit to our Associates, but it’s just part of a robust platform we offer. Our Broker websites are designed with the consumer first and foremost, but behind the scenes it interfaces with powerful systems for Lead Routing, Lead Incubation and Robust Reporting.  This platform is provided to all Team Leaders/Brokers.

Agent Websites

Saving agents time and money: That’s the goal of The Local Realty’s innovative agent sites. They provide nearly all the same benefits that the Broker Sites offer to Home Buyers and Sellers, while giving each agent a credible and flexible online presence for personal promotion. At the same time, Agents can take full advantage of our Brokerage Intranet for collaboration, education, file sharing and more.

All of our Agent and Broker sites display all area MLS listings, detailed local community and market information, and content created at both the Broker and Brand level. Sites attract traffic through a number of sources, including SEO, Broker promotion and The Local Realty marketing efforts. The goal, of course, is to provide home buyers and sellers with a compelling experience that encourages regular consumer use and lead generation for Brokers and their agents.  Leads generated on Broker sites are handled directly by the Broker using the platform’s Lead routing rules, which the Brokers themselves control.

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