Company Culture

We believe that searching for a home starts with finding the perfect Community; that ideal lifestyle. However, in today’s growing world, Communities constantly change. The role of a good Real Estate Agent (REALTOR®) is no longer just about opening a door and selling a home. It’s about opening The door, to The perfect home, in The perfect community.

The Local Realty is one of the fastest growing Lifestyle Real Estate Teams in the world and a global leader in local real estate services. Our Associates believe in connecting our clients with the communities which match their lifestyle and are dedicated to enhancing the lives of their community members.

All of our Associates are Certified Local Experts® providing market knowledge that allows our clients to seize opportunities and increase wealth; while allowing us to create the most accurate picture of local real estate market conditions and trends. Every day, in communities around the globe, we apply our insight, experience, intelligence and resources to help clients make informed real estate decisions.

Local Responsibility is the heart of our business practice.

At The Local Realty™, we aspire to be recognized much more for our commitment to local business and for the quality of our local real estate services. Our Local Responsibility program encompasses:

  • Community Outreach
  • Local Charities & Giving
  • People & Culture
  • Ethics and Compliance​
  • Business Relationships
  • Professional Service & Consulting

It is our policy to do the right thing and to act responsibly in our day-to-day relationships with our customers, communities and all our Associates. We focus our attention on the areas where we believe we can make the greatest impact by using our talent, energy and resources to improve the quality of our communities and the lives of others; and helping our people to reach their full potential while providing a safe and ethical workplace.

Our responsible business practices are an essential element of our brand and fundamental to our values of Communication, Integrity, Local Service and Excellence.

You may now know that what sets The Local Realty™ apart from any other company, is our belief in being dedicated to our local communities. A large aspect of this is making sure that our real estate Associates are Connected to their Community. When it comes time to buying or selling a property, having an Associate that is Connected to their community is key!

Home Owners Association Events
We work with Home Owners Associations to create social networks and events connecting their local homeowners association members.

Business Events & Mixers
Our Associates and teams host local business events connecting community leaders, business owners and local community members.

Social Networking
Our technology savvy Associates and Corporate team run some of the highest trafficked local community social networks.

Across the nation, The Local Realty™ real estate brokers and agents serve home buyers and sellers in hundreds of communities both large and small. But what sets The Local Realty™ apart from other national real estate firms is the belief that we are an integral part of the fabric of the communities in which we operate, and not some distant, unengaged entity.

Offices throughout The Local Realty™ Network participate in local charity events and programs each year, in which our Real Estate Associates host, and contribute to. All of the proceeds from these fundraising efforts go back to to support local charities and families in need. The Local Realty™ also hosts city-wide events and food drives in major markets, raising money for local people in need.

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