100% Commission Splits for Real Estate Agents

100% Commission Splits for Real Estate Agents

If you’re a licensed California Real Estate Agent you should be earning a 100% commission split on your real estate transactions! At The Local Realty, we provide the technology, transaction management and broker support you need to run a successful Real Estate Business.

We offer numerous opportunities to grow your real estate business and start increasing your net returns.

  1. Full or Part Time REALTORS – receive up to 100% Commission Splits on your real estate transactions, gain access to virtual tools, full time transaction coordinator, technology, marketing resources and much more! Learn More…
  2. Referral Agents – If you’ve imagined earning money in real estate without having to list or sell a single property, consider generating income solely by referring a buyer or seller anywhere. Learn More…

Real Estate Industry Advancements

Technology has revolutionized the real estate industry and as your real estate businesses changes, California Real Estate Brokerages must adapt to meet the needs of your business and your clientele! Research shows that most people become Real Estate Agents to earn real estate commissions (money!). So, the higher the commission split the more money you make, right? That’s why we offer 100% commission to all of our California Real Estate Agents.

In addition to providing the top real estate brokerage commission splits in the industry, we also help you generate more real estate leads in addition to helping you convert those leads into closings! Our brokerage has a vast internet advantage with over 500 international hyper-local real estate networks which generate thousands of leads each year. We can show you how to increase your leads and turn those leads into closed commissions.

At The Local Realty we have the solution you have been looking for to help grow your real estate business! Start out with 100% Commission on your Real Estate closings and gain the flexibility to run your business the way you want. When you join the The Local Realty you will earn 100% commission on all your California real estate transactions and have access to the top turn-key lead generation strategies!

Referral Agent Program

If you don’t want to become a full time agent or pay REALTOR dues, no problem! You can sign up as a referral only agent under The Local Realty Group. Referral agents maintain their active license status, don’t have to pay REALTOR dues, and can refer their clients to our network of agents and earn commission! Learn more about our referral only agent program…

100% Commission Split Real Estate Broker

  • Direct Broker Support
  • Broker Paid E&O Insurance
  • On-Site & Virtual Transaction Coordinators
  • Free Legal Hotline
  • Online Transaction Management
  • 24 Hour Call Center Support
  • Custom Built Agent & Property Websites
  • Back-Office Marketing Portal
  • Lead Generation Systems
  • Lead Conversion Teams
  • Mortgage & Loan Broker Access
  • Preferred Vendor Portal
  • Technology System Support
  • Premier Featured Agent Profiles on Major Real Estate Networks
  • Access to Exclusive Real Estate Events

The Local Realty

The Local Realty is the leading International Lifestyle Real Estate Brokerage specializing in Local Real Estate Services. All of our Real Estate Associates specialize in a specific Community or Property type in order to provide the highest level of service and Local Real Estate Market expertise to our clientele.

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